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Lolapps, the San Francisco-based startup that makes games for Facebook and other social networks, has signed a merger agreement with Hong Kong-based game publisher 6waves, the two companies announced Monday. Terms of the deal are undisclosed, but the combined entity of 6waves Lolapps will have full-time employees. Both companies have been operating profitably to date, the executives said, but post-deal the combined company will likely start burning some of its cash to invest in expansion. International growth will be a major focus for the company in the months ahead, both executives said. The two companies have partnered for more than a year, and since they deal in different realms — game publishing and game development — they do not expect to have to tackle many integration costs or post-deal layoffs. Going forward, 6waves and Lolapps will continue to function independently as a game publisher and a game developer, respectively. Sign up for a free trial.

Interview with LOLapps Co-Founder and Head of UX Annie Chang

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If you look at the demographics of social games its percent female lolapps single and percent said theyve met new people in games said Founder and CEO Philip Yuen. The new release of Unity brings new features and partial support dating the Linux OS. The quotes for developers is added distribution and the potential of making more money lolapps sales of virtual goods.

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Women 2. Many web applications that I had pondered building, as well as several projects that I had worked on previously, required me to re-create the social graph in order to provide value to users. Building a strong community from scratch is no small feat. In late , my co-founders and I noticed that users had been gravitating toward a small number of very popular personality quiz applications. This gave us the idea to create an application that allowed users to create their own quiz applications without learning to program.

This led us to become one of the leading application developers on Facebook, allowing millions of users to create apps that entertained tens of millions of users. Being part of a founding team of enthusiastic gamers, we were inspired when we realized we had the unique opportunity of help gaming go mainstream. Annie Chang: Talk about your idea. Many entrepreneurs I meet are worried others will steal their idea if they tell too many people.

In reality, most people are way too busy with their own job or idea to bother stealing yours. Execution is what distinguishes winners from losers.


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Social games, go play you some. Optimizing for play, virality, discovery and monetization, Viximo is able to facilitate custom strategies for companies that need to establish their businesses beyond a single website. The title is LOLapps’ most played title to date, with nearly five million monthly active users. Deceptively in-depth, the simulation game challenges players to keep back an encroaching forest by chopping down trees, delivering a near-constant supply of resource-based quests to complete.

Wildly successful resource management strategy game Backyard Monsters more than 3.

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The engine was acquired from creator Sean Cooper and will be rebranded as the Lolapps Fliso Engine. With a history dating back to the early.

This was a difficult decision for David and I. We are not enthusiastic about the prospect of spending our time in court as opposed to making games. And in general, we believe that only in the most extreme circumstances should a video game developer resort to legal action in order to defend their creative works — the last thing our industry needs is frivolous lawsuits. Unfortunately, it is our opinion that 6waves has behaved in a reprehensible and illegal manner, and we can not, in good conscience, ignore it.

The full legal complaint can be downloaded here. In particular, I will call attention to these issues:. First: Yeti Town, as launched by 6waves, was a nearly perfect copy of Triple Town. Here are just a few quotes taken from the numerous press articles that were published shortly after the release of Yeti Town:. We gave 6waves private access to Triple Town when it was still in closed beta, months before the public was exposed to the game.

His message can be found in its entirety in the body of our legal complaint.

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Developer of social games and applications. The company builds quiz, gift, and game creator platforms. What you see here scratches the surface. Growth Rate. Size Multiple. Key Data Points.

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